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PRN – RN Supervisor

Health Care Care Positive
  • Post Date : May 20, 2021
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Job Description

General Function:

The registered nurse supervisor is responsible for supervising and ensuring that the assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation of nursing care for the client is carried out in an appropriate consistent manner by qualified RN’s, LPN;s, and CNA’s.


  • The RN Supervisor performs the initial client assessment on the client and identifies variables that may affect client behavior. She initiates the plan of care on admission and updates the plan of care every 60 days or as necessary.

  • Assists in identifying a wide range of problems and in determining and prioritizing the client’s care.

  • Responsible for supervising and assessing the performance of other private duty staff (RN and LPN every 30 days) and nursing assistants (CNA every 90 days). Wil conduct two supervisory visits per year with staff and attend to assess and validate staff clinical skills to complete the annual skills checklist.

  • Assists in addressing existing and potential client/family problems.

  • Assists in interpreting data and assures that findings are communicated to the physician in a timely manner and documented appropriately.


  • Ensures the family and client have been involved in the development of the plan of care.

  • Ensures the family input was considered in the development of the nursing care plan.

  • Ensures that services needed to facilitate the care of the client is being utilized.

  • Ensures that optimal standards of nursing care are being met consistently and appropriately. Ensures that optimal nursing care reflects awareness of legal responsibilities and consequences of nursing actions.

  • Ensures that proper referrals to other professionals are utilized (i.e.) (physical therapists, occupational therapists, etc.)


  • Addresses all family client complaints verbally and in writing after carrying out a thorough investigation.
  • Makes sure that client/family needs are responded to appropriately.
  • Performs on-site visits and client assessments monthly in the home.
  • Evaluation

  • Assists in evaluating clients’ responses to the plan of care.

  • Ensures that the plan of care is revised as needed in response to changing needs.

  • Ensures that ongoing communication between nurses and physicians exists.

  • Evaluates staff performance and updates skill validation competency as required by the agency. (RN and LPN every 30 days and CNA every 90 days or as the client level of care changes.)

  • Evaluates the client/family comprehension of services and educates accordingly.

Other Duties

  • Ensures that adequate staffing for the client is done.

  • Make sure that the family is informed and aware of any schedule changes.

  • Is available to the private duty RN and LPN staff for private consultation requiring good nursing judgment.

  • Assists the office manager in maintaining updated files on all staff.

  • Assists the office manager in maintaining all clinical files on all clients.

  • Make sure that all records are kept confidential and filed in a locked cabinet.


  • Current unrestricted Maryland State RN license/90 Day Temporary license in conjunction with plans to acquire full MD license within 30 days.

  • Current Annual CPR/First Aid certification

  • Ability to perform relevant skills

  • At least 1 year of pediatric, home care, or hospital experience in the past 2 years

  • At least 2 years experience in supervision and administration

  • A formal nursing education at a college, university, or hospital that presents a certificate in the form of a bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree, or other.

  • A background check (criminal and employment)

  • 2 Professional and 1 Character references

  • Health Clearance – Annual Physical, TB, Hep B

Our Mission

The Agency shall provide nursing care based on excellent nursing care standards established by the industry.  Care Positive will provide nursing services (RN,s, CMA, and Companions) for home care.  These services shall be of the highest quality, provided by the most competent, ethical staff in a cost-efficient manner.

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